Thursday, January 26, 2012

Space Demons and Garn and Felids oh my!

Well, just imagine how pleased we were to find out, accidentally, that the readers of The Miniatures Page had nominated three of our ranges for Best 15mm Sci Fi alien line!  And they are of course our three most popular ranges, the Space Demons, the Felids and the Garn. 

If you want to vote, the poll is here:

You get to vote for any five choices, you don't have to just vote for one.  Of course there are a whole mess of great models there for you to choose, great evidence of the renaissance in 15mm SF gaming.

Thanks to everyone who nominated the models!  And they are in such splendid company.   I'm very proud!


  1. Congratulations Jon. They're excellent mini's. The nominations are well deserved.

  2. I can definitely see why these three made the cut, congrats!

  3. PMMDJ, sorry I mistakenly deleted your post, bloody iPhone!

  4. I voted Garn. I, for one, welcome our new therapodian masters.