Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Khurasan 15mm Sci Fi Building Parts, a Look at the Parts

Just received the prints for our modular 15mm sci fi building parts.  These are in wall segments in 75mm or 100mm length.  Take a look!

Here are four walls, two 100mm and two 75mm, with a roof cap on. Note that nothing is glued together, they are just held together by inertia.  This was the intent -- to make assembly as simple as possible.  We've had three different walls made in each length -- a blank wall, a door/window wall, and a window wall.  To start there are two roof caps -- 75x75 and 75x100.  If there is a big call for 100x100 we will have the bigger square roof cap made too.

Roof's off! Again the pieces are really just holding each other together.  Note the lip around the top leading edge of each wall, which together will hold the roof cap on, or will hold on higher levels if the gamer wants to make multiple levels.

Look ma, no hands!  Flipped over, here's the view from the bottom.  Once again it's just holding itself together.  Of course you'll glue your walls but this just indicates how easy assembly will be.  I think I will assemble them exactly this way -- use a roof part as a template, then put the parts together which will make sure the walls assemble level.

Frankly, even that's not necessary -- the walls are thick enough that they level themselves out when placed together.  There's also a lip that allows you to guide the parts right together so they snuggle in where they need to be.  I've heard some stories about how tricky these wall-buildup structures can be to put together and so I did not want to proceed unless that difficulty essentially went away, and playing with the print pieces suggests it has been sent off!

1BR, 1BTH in Battle Torn nghbrhd!   Here's the view from the inside.

There are print lines on the pieces but the beauty of flat parts is that the lines are only on the side edges, so all I have to do is sand them off the sides of the roof caps and we are ready to get them cast.  So they should be going off to the casters to be done up in resin this week.  My caster has a ton of stuff to cast for me, but I'm hoping to have them back within a month.  Roof accessories, including parapets to wrap around the rooftop of this building (giving your resistance fighters some place to take cover on the roof), have been designed and will be printed next.  Stay tuned!

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