Saturday, May 23, 2015

More former Testudo ECW/TYW codes added....

We have just added many new codes to the former Testudo English Civil War/Thirty Years War range in "15mm" (more like 18mm) -- pikemen in no armour, pikemen in breastplate and tassets, Croat light cavalry, and two codes without photos yet -- cuirassiers in 3/4 plate with pistols, and cuirassiers in 3/4 plate with lances.  (We'll add photos of the cuirassiers asap.)

They are available here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Zantin Scutari troops released

We are very pleased to release our latest codes of the very popular "Zantin Reconquest" 15mm sci-fi range -- squad heavy weapons and platoon assets for the Imperial troops, the Zantin Scutari. 

The Platoon assets set has a rapid fire heavy plasma gunner team, a RAM mortar team, and a sniper. 

The squad heavy weapons set has four troopers with portable missile launchers and four with grenade launchers. 

Both sets are available now, at the link below.