Saturday, September 25, 2010

Atlas Armoured Tractor Options

The Atlas Armoured Prime Mover will have many options to allow gamers to use this beast as they prefer. First up, the guntruck option, seen above, a rear box that drop fits onto the tractor to make it a one piece patrol truck, and a powerful escort for convoys of softskins.

That photo also introduces the pulse cannon fighting station, which is shown to the rear of the guntruck. This rotates like any turret, and will be sprued up with the rotary cannon turret, and a sprue of both turrets will be included for each weapons station, allowing you to use either one. Of course, you might prefer to have only one turret, rather than two, but closing off the hole should be an easy matter.

Next up is the APT, the armoured personnel trailer. This bunker like articulated trailer is heavily armoured and can carry the full Federal Army squad of twelve men into battle. To complement the direct fire turret in the front of the vehicle, it has a citadel on which is mounted a heavy grenade launcher, allowing the vehicle's crew to get at spots behind cover that the direct fire weapon cannot reach. The citadel is elevated so that even if the truck is firing its weapons straight ahead, the grenade launcher can still be used.

For those of you who think the 15cm thick armour-glass windows on the truck are not thick enough, we are also producing armoured window covers which are inspired by the covers for the "Dragon Wagon," and these will come as part of the kit.

The VTOL craft for the Federal Army, the Cormorant, is being designed now, but after that I will be asking the sculptor, Charles Oines, to make a gun trailer for the Atlas as well, which will be able to mount either a MLRS, a AAA suite, or a large gun.

Can anyone guess why the VTOL craft is called the Cormorant? First person to answer here correctly gets a free set of Federal Army infantry! (First correct answer to be posted in the comments below, it has to be my call as to which person has answered correctly.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow! This is belated but I wanted to thank everyone who voted for my new lines in the Miniatures Page poll for best new sci line of 2009. I was very happy, and more than a little surprised to see that three (!!!) of my new lines made it into the final poll. Results here -- this is the final round:

final round of poll

Ironically, having three of my lines nominated is splitting the vote! lol. But that doesn't matter, I don't think I'd have won anyway. Great to see all that support though, it is very encouraging indeed. I'll try to continue to provide you all with products you like this year and in the future!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Atlas Class APM

Here's the first look at the Atlas Class APM (armoured prime mover).

This heavily armoured tractor is armed with a rotary cannon mounted in a turret, but its primary use is to carry a variety of payloads into action, including the APT (armoured personnel trailer), as well as the JUGC (joint use gun carriage), which will have a mount for an AAA suite, a heavy artillery piece, and an MLRS.

Also planned is a dropfit guntruck rear that will carry several men and lots of guns for patrol purposes. This won't be a trailer, it will be a direct attachment to the back of the APM.

The design of the Altas is inspired by current combat conditions, such as the use of MRAPs and the Stryker in ongoing wars. Wheels seem to be the way to go, or at least one viable way. Also, from a marketing perspective, there are so many one-bodied APCs out there, and so many tracked or grav carriers, that we thought it would be fun and different to introduce a wheeled and articulated APC/Gun Carriage into the market.

The Atlas will be joined soon by the gigantic Siler Superheavy Tank, and its passengers, the Federal Army infantry, will also be released imminently, with more planned.

In a day or two we will preview the APT (armoured personnel trailer) that hooks onto the Atlas. The APT mounts a heavy grenade launcher to get those pesky skulking aliens that can't be blasted into pieces by the direct fire of the APM's rotary cannon! The trailers will all be sold separately of the tractor so that you can multitask your vehicles. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

TMP's Best Sci Fi Figures of 2009 Poll

Vote here!

Just noticed this today ... and today's the last day! :)

If you like my models, it would be great if you were to vote for them. You can choose five different lines. I only market through the Internet, as I am unable to attend shows, etc. So I need all the help I can get! Thanks.