Saturday, August 13, 2016

15mm Great Swamp Lizard

We are very pleased to release our latest 15mm fantasy model -- the Great Swamp Lizard.  This towering beast can eat his way straight through entire enemy armies ... or can even attempt to gobble up the romantic interest of huge island-bound apes (but that's a risky proposition, even for him).  It's a salute to the old-style portrayal of a great carnivorous dinosaur -- to many people, this is still the preferred portrayal of T. rex. 

The kit is a mixture of resin and pewter, and parts are provided so that he can have his mouth open or closed.  (I prefer the mouth closed myself and even considered having him sculpted scratching his head.)  It's meant to be really huge in 15mm, so it's large enough to be quite a threat in 28mm scale as well. 

It's available now, in our popular Salamen fantasy range: