Sunday, March 18, 2012

Federal Army "Stoat" Light Armoured Utility Vehicle

The Federal Army's M3918 Stoat is a multi-purpose light armoured utility vehicle that is most commonly deployed as a HQ vehicle but is also used for reconnaissance and patrol.  

The vehicle is very fast and is proof against small arms; whilst it can also defeat certain light armour piercing weapons  it is not primed for heavy combat.  Often a command team is mounted in a Stoat in order to keep up with the troops.  The vehicle can also be seen fulfilling a light attack function, with a platoon of four Stoats on the attack, two with the automated minigun turret and the other two mounting a battery of eight Hunter-Killer Missiles.

The Stoat was designed by Steven Tyler.  It comes in seven pieces, a resin hull, two pewter weapons choices (minigun turret or missile rack) and four pewter wheels.  We like the pewter wheels as they give the vehicle some heft and "staydownability,"and the pins for the wheels are just long enough that you can pivot the front wheels a bit if you like to portray the vehicle turning.

The Stoat was designed to go with the Caiman, the upcoming Exterminator APC, as a lighter HMMWV version of that big armoured vehicle, but although it was designed and printed four months after the Caiman, ironically it is being released first!  This is the 15mm scale version of the vehicle and will be released the week of March 19, 2012.  I will announce availability on The Miniatures Page.

The M3918 Stoat compared to our popular Desiree Kim model (available separately).


  1. I apparently need more dollars. Khurasan just continues to connect; winner after winner.

  2. I think my wallet just backed off and snarled at me.

    Really like this design and hope more from the creator are inbound.

    1. Thankyou Tael, yes I am quite often designing and producing new works for Khurasan.

      Steve "Coolhand" Tyler aka Steve3d...
      (Jons naming of me in his posts is even more erratic than my own.;))

  3. "Curse you Khurasan!"
    - My bank account

  4. That's the beauty of 15mm, it isn't nearly as hard on your bank account :)

    Nice little vehicle, again reminiscent of the "Aliens" APC but with your own creative flair. Military humour being what it is and knowing enlisted opinions of their officers, the grunts would likely call this command vehicle "the short bus".

  5. Looking forward to the 6mm version ..

  6. Very nice looking model. Heather thinks it looks cool too, which is a big compliment!

    On my next order!