Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Huntarr

We have released the 15mm scale Huntarr, those terrifying hunters who revel in combat and victory above all else, and will travel across the galaxy and even to other dimensions to find a fitting opponent to launch the old struggle, hand against hand, arm against arm. Their technology is sophisticated but they glory in that most primal of all conflicts, hand to hand combat.

Normally when we release a line of models, we post colour photos of the models to give you a full idea of what you're getting, and we were about to do this as well for the Huntarr, but three of them materialised in my office, one after the other, looming over me, and threatened to paint the walls with my innards if I did so! So I won't be posting preview images. Naturally the skeptical consumer may say, "well then I'm not buying them, what sort of nonsense is this?" He'd have a good point, and those who buy will buy on faith.

And they will not be disappointed, for these tall, lanky creatures are splendid sculpts. On average they are 21mm tall!

Of course, once the models are "out there" I can't control what people do with them, but I am relying on the discretion of the gaming community -- I don't want those Huntarrs to materialise in my office again!

Available here:
15mm Sci fi Page


  1. Allow me to put in a plug for these. I bought them and I was extremely impressed by the quality
    and character of these minis. Buy them - you will not be disappointed.

  2. These could be just what I am looking for to represent my A'Krian Empire forces - a race driven by their battle religion.

    On an unrelated matter - will the Lhurgg get any additional forces at some point?

  3. Yes, they have huk-huk swordsmen and spike mortar crews all ready to go, after the holidays.