Saturday, December 31, 2011

Federal Army Medium Tank First Look

Here's a preview of the upcoming Federal Army Medium Tank, both in basic tracked version and in grav drive as part of the Army's MEP (Mobility Enhancement Program). 

As can be seen it mounts a single CIDS gatling cannon, unlike the Siler superheavy tank, which mounts two.  The vehicle also has a coaxial light pulse cannon to cover any frontal blind spots that the gatling cannon might not be able to reach.

One thing that might not be readily apparent from the images is the manner in which the main gun mounts to the turret -- it is very deeply recessed.  This can elevate to "show it off" a bit more -- it creates in our opinion a very striking appearance.  We might have the entire cannon piece painted in a slightly different colour when the physical model is previewed, just to make this design feature a bit more obvious.

Hull is 75mm long -- actually just a little bit smaller than the hull of an M1A2 at 1/100th scale! There will be a heavy APC version as well.  Look for it in the spring of 2012.  Thanks and have a Happy New Years.


  1. Stunning... O.O
    I'll take a platoon please. And a heavy APC to convert into an ARV.

  2. Curse you! Must restrain myself from ordering these for a while .... must restrain myself from ordering these for a while ... must ....OK, I'll be ordering a platoon's worth when they come out ;)

  3. This looks fantastic! Having just recently found your site I have been very impressed with the the quality of your work. Is the spring 2012 date for this still on track?

    ps. Is this the best place to watch out for updates on your model range?

    1. Hi, yes should still be spring. I'd say between here and TMP you should be all set!

      Thanks for the kind words.