Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goliath Mortar

The Goliath mortar was heavily used by both the Control forces on Sepulveda 7 and, when captured, their Resistance foes. Shown below is the Control team and the Goliath mortar in 15mm scale.

We've had Resistance crew made as well for the weapon.

Coming later this year, stay tuned for details.


  1. Damn, that bloke on the left in the first pic is awesome. Maybe my favourite pose ever :P
    He'd make a great no.2 for heaps of different weapon systems.

  2. Looks nice. Great to see such fine detail on a 15mm mortar.

  3. Vary nice, and its a great simple weapon system, I say make a quick crew for the Felid, and some of your other man stay races.