Monday, April 18, 2011

Chewk paintup preview

Very pleased to preview the Chewks, sand-shrimp desert aliens in 15mm scale. Click on the images to see full size. The Chewks are the native sentient life form on Sepulveda 7. The first pic shows their size compared to a popular 15mm sci fi alien choice, the human-size Felids. Sure, the Chewk is a wee fella, but he has the heart of a lion (a very small lion), and his bolt action plasma rifle packs a mean punch!

The Chewk infantry will be sold in two packs. The first pack has twenty six chewks in fourteen different poses -- twelve riflechewk poses (pack comes with two of each pose) and two chewktain poses (pack comes with one of each pose).

The second pack has twelve Chewks weapons crews in twelve different poses, as well as their heavy weapons -- to make up two chewkbomber (mortar) teams, two chewkgun (machine gun) teams, and two chewkzooka (chewk-portable rocket launcher) teams.

Also available will be the mighty Chewk Drill Tank, a flat-headed monstrosity in which entire tribes of Chewks travel deep under the desert sands -- only to erupt from nowhere and spill out, raining mayhem on unlucky travellers in the Sepulvedan deserts. It is a resin kit, posed emerging from the sand, with doors that can be posed open so your Chewk tribe can run out shouting oaths in Chewkish. And there's also a field piece, the chewkannon, which comes with pieces to either be mounted on a boom arm on the Drilltank, or on a mobile field carriage, and this even includes the chewkamel, a giant no-see-um beast of burden that pulls the chewkannon carriage.

I've got multiple vehicle kits to release this week, and the Mekanoids next, so look for the Chewks the week after that.

To read more about the Chewks, read this blog entry.


  1. Now those are amazing! Must add to my order list I have already! Dang, I thought I was nearly done buying Sci-Fi figures.

  2. Very cool, lots of personality and those bolt-action rifles are pretty cool as well...

  3. About time too... i've been looking forward to these for ages ! They've been on the Gruntz site for quite a while and that drill looks awsome as does the cannon. My wallet is in go situation especially as my birthday is at the end of the month and she who must be obeyed can be ignored.

  4. I have nominated you for the viral "Stylish Blogger Award", details here: