Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who Ordered the Fish?

Vis Bellica (Robert Avery) has posted a very entertaining battle report of that name, in which his Carnivoran Hegemony troops (the Garn overlords and their Felid subjects) attacked some Pelagic Dominate troops in a very unfair but very entertaining battle. (Let's remember relatively few battles involve "equal sides" and one side generally does have an advantage.)

He used the I Ain't Been Shot Mum rules, with sci fi variant GYFTOOMF (Get Your Fricking Tentacle Out of my Face) -- the rules certainly seem to have provisions for all sorts of sci fi models, and still give a smooth game. Vis Bellica has in fact posted stats for many of the Khurasan troops from my Federation Forward background on his site as well - as well as GYFTOOMF stats for many other lines.

In particular he has sensed that the Garn Crocodile class gunboat is a weapon of awesome power, and represented it as such! Using two was just cruel though! :)

Good show Vis Bellica!

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