Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Biology of Sepulveda 7: Part 4 (addendum, top secret)


Federal Intel has determined that at least one squad of Myzontid Rangers has been working on Sepulveda 7 for several weeks. These collect intelligence for the Pelagic Dominate's Hydrofarming Council, the main strategy-planning body of the Dominate, and their presence usually indicates preparations for an invasion.

These vicious, silent killers are feared and hated by the Karkarines who make up the bulk of the Pelagic forces, although to human eyes they appear similar at first because they wear the same cut of uniform and use many of the same weapons. On closer inspection it is evident that they are a very different species, with small beady eyes and a mouth permanently agape and lined with teeth. Their SCOBA (Self-Contained Out-of-water Breathing Apparatus) gear is also configured differently, as the Myzontids have a single water intake hole on top of their heads, rather than taking water in through their mouths. This is so that they can suck the blood and organs out of their prey for an extended period of time and still take in water for breathing.

Myzontids often operate far from the main Pelagic forces, and as such have a heavier squad weapon, a potent smart missile launcher. In line with their missions, they are also accompanied by a sniper. These are uncannily accurate and patient, more so than human snipers.

Because Myzontids are at the leading edge of Pelagic invasions, they often interact closely with the bioweapons that are dropped on the target planet, the Parasachnids and Mantis Stalkers. In order to avoid attack from these animals, the Myzontids are generally equipped with ento-repellant, somewhat of a misnomer as it does not repel entomalians so much as it obscures the signature of the Myzontid as potential prey, rendering him essentially invisible to the creatures. (It has been observed in previous combats that the failure rate of the ento-repellants appears to be fairly high with respect to Mantis Stalkers, which appear to be capable of sensing the Myzontids despite the ento-repellant.)

The intercepted transmission indicates that the aquans are probing the level of development of the feral Parasachnids on Sepulveda, which is one of the hallmarks of Parasachnid invasion plans. The transmission was intercepted intact and clearly shows two aqua-casts of an Ogre Beetle on Sepulveda 7, possibly two images of the same creature, one from a slight height, the other of the creature actually passing over the Ranger as he captured the image.

The reader is reminded that Federal breakthroughs in Pelagic transmission-interception and deciphering are of the highest sensitivity and are not to be discussed with anyone of lower clearance. As such, the presence of Ogre Beetles on Sepulveda 7 is not to be communicated to Federal forces operating covertly on Sepulvda, or to the Resistance of that planet. Failure to comply is classified as Statutory Treason.

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