Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preview of 15mm sci fi interior battlescapes

Here are previews of our upcoming 15mm scale Sci Fi interiors. They are meant to allow the gamer to represent the interior of a lab where something has gone terribly wrong, the interior of a starship that's been boarded by enemy troops or intruded upon by some horrifying stalker, the underground passageways of a massive defence complex, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

The first piece is your basic corridor, 150mm x 50mm (6" x 2").

Next up we have the smaller corridor, a corner piece or small room, 50mm (2") square.

To clutter up the corridors and to place barriers between them we have consoles/computers/etc, a drab looking desk (over which a guard may be draped, dead, or a desk with a half-eaten doughnut may be placed), and doors and bulkheads of varying sizes to split up your battlescape into fighting zones.

The console/computer pieces are meant to be two-sided, and have on their rear access doors such as those shown above.

Martin of Fire Broadside has done a splendid job painting these up in an ominous, businesslike fashion, and he took it upon himself to array the pieces together to show the kind of look the gamer can achieve.

One note, however. These pieces are not puzzle-like interlocking sets and were not designed to have curtain walls along the sides. The idea was that the gamer would build angular snaking sections which can be placed together in various configurations, but they do not interlock. Curtain walls along the sides, in our experience, tend to get in the way of model placement and a clear view of the action, so the vertical dividers, mostly doors but also including bulkheads without doors, are meant to create dead ends or dividers.

John Bear Ross has done an excellent job putting these together in the look of many popular sci fi realizations of interior battlescapes which we may all be familiar with. And there's more coming! A large round room (yes, round!) to represent a central test chamber, the bridge of a small ship, etc.; a spaceship or test chamber large control seat with readout console; a sleeper chamber for cryogenic preservation, an engine, generator, or other large piece of machinery, and a pillar to create the look of a support, or to put together an elevator, etc. All of these will be shown when they are ready for sale. The first pieces should be released soon. Thanks John and Martin! If gamers like these we will certainly make more.


  1. That terrain is just stunning. Simply stunning.

  2. Looking forward to this...gee, what Sci-Fi movie could I game with this...hmmm...I wonder....? LOL!

    Looks awesome and has no doubt lots of potential for lots of scenarios!


  3. Nice work as always.

    I think Weighted Companion cubes would make GREAT furniture for a sci-fi complex ;)

  4. Looking forward to finally doing some Traveller/Striker boarding actions in glorious 3D!

  5. Ditto Trav Striker-esque actions ans lots of 5150 et al goodness awaits these.

    I look forward to hearing the pricepoint, etc. Thanks!

  6. Very Cool! This will fit in great for the upcoming Swatters game!

  7. Can we have a weapons locker please.